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Your team was talking to Arnold on the topic: Constructive Feedback. You will find detailed results in this report.

  • The data were collected by Arnold in 07/2020
  • 19 people were invited, 18 people responded (94%)
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▼ Main Findings

QUANTITY of Feedback

How much feedback on your work do you receive from your supervisor?
About the right amount
QUALITY of Feedback

What do you think of the feedback you receive from your supervisor?
It's mostly useful
FORM of Negative Feedback

How do you feel when you receive negative feedback from your supervisor?

▼ Results

Quantity of Feedback

How much feedback on your work do you receive from your supervisor?
Evaluation of Feedback

What do you think of the feedback you receive from your supervisor?

What do you appreciate about your supervisor's feedback? What do you find most useful about it?
Team: Blake Doyle
  • I'm quite new in my role so I really appreciate she finds time in her busy schedule to have regular sessions with me. She is always to the point, she offers advice and she doesn't dwell on issues. (Jonathon Larson)
  • It is always structured. (Libby Ross)
All comments...
  • Its relevant, to the point and honest. (Sebastian Weiss)
Team: Jonathon Larson
  • When it happens, it's always a good-natured meeting. (Gabriel Riley)
  • It's supposed to help me grow. (Shannon Duncan)
Team: Libby Ross
  • She's willing to help and knows how important it is to acknowledge other people's work. (Tegan Green)
  • Very human - no silly forms to fill, mostly a friendly chat. (Heidi Hill)
All comments...
  • It's constructive and regular. (Evelyn Moss)
  • Honest and clear. (Eliza Anderson)
Team: Sebastian Weiss
  • I finally have some! At my previous job I'd never learn anything. (Kristopher Mcgowan)
  • Structure and continuity. (Tyler Chapman)
All comments...
  • Structure and regularity. (Felipe Ball)
  • The comments are valid. (Matthew Webb)
  • He's a great boss. I learn a lot from him. (Declan Hawkins)

Is there anything you don't like about the feedback?
Team: Blake Doyle
  • Lack of feedback on the communication/soft side of managerial duties. (Libby Ross)
Team: Jonathon Larson
  • The fact that there is so little of it. I know I've been here for years (stopped counting after 10) but that doesn't mean I like to just continue doing my thing. I could use more direction, especially with the new streams that I haven't been doing long. (Gabriel Riley)
  • Some comments are a bit out of the blue. (Shannon Duncan)
Team: Libby Ross
  • Some of the areas need more discussion and planning. (Eliza Anderson)
  • Everything is OK. (Heidi Hill)
Team: Sebastian Weiss
  • It's a bit too much TBH. I don't find the retrospectives and stand-ups particularly useful. I enjoyed the simplicity before the new structure was enforced. Still, much better than at my previous job. (Felipe Ball)
  • I feel like the everyday stand-up meetings are a little excessive. I'd get more work done if we didn't have them so often. (Matthew Webb)
All comments...
  • Can't say yet, everything seems fine. (Kristopher Mcgowan)
Other Sources of Feedback

Is there anyone else in your organization from whom you would appreciate feedback? Who is it?
Team: Blake Doyle
  • I'm always wondering how my team feels and whether they enjoy reporting to me. This is a new role for me so I'd like to know whether the transition from Lynn was smooth or not. (Sebastian Weiss)
  • My colleagues from the sales/marketing dept. (Libby Ross)
Team: Jonathon Larson
  • It would be useful to hear and compare feedback from someone else from time to time... (Shannon Duncan)
Team: Libby Ross
  • Not really within the company but we're often missing crucial feedback from customers. The teams who work with them often don't report issues so I only learn something didn't go according to plan when I shoot them my scheduled e-mail about their future needs. It makes us look unprofessional. (Evelyn Moss)
  • The customers! Teams often don't report enough - or maybe tell the rest of the team who are actually in the office which leaves me out of it. I've been saying for years that we should have a tool for customer satisfaction. (Tommy Hart)
All comments...
  • I closely cooperate with the marketing team so I'd like to know whether they're happy with the way things are at the moment. (Tegan Green)
  • Not really. (Eliza Anderson)
Team: Sebastian Weiss
  • Marketing and Sales departments - we often cooperate but they are just quick exchanges. (Tyler Chapman)
  • The users. We should talk more with the sales guys who are in touch with our clients. (Declan Hawkins)
All comments...
  • It's enough as is. (Felipe Ball)
  • Not really. (Matthew Webb)
  • I don't know yet. (Elsie Byrne)
Balanced Feedback

I'm also curious whether the feedback you get is balanced or not. What does it typically look like?

Is the criticism deserved?
Form of Negative Feedback

How do you feel when you receive negative feedback from your supervisor?

Team: Libby Ross
  • I appreciate the constructiveness so even though it does't always feel great I feel like it helps me move forward. (Heidi Hill)

Tell me more, what makes you feel uncomfortable?
Team: Jonathon Larson
  • I'm sometimes taken aback by some of the feedback. (Shannon Duncan)
Team: Sebastian Weiss
  • It's not very pleasant to be criticized. (Matthew Webb)

▼ Technical info

Response rate
18 people responded, 19 people were invited. The total response rate was 94%. The data were collected between 07.00.2020 and 20.30.2020.

Response rate per department:
Team Reponse rate Anonymous mode
Team: Blake Doyle 4 out of 4 (100%) 0 out of 4 (0%)
Team: Jonathon Larson 3 out of 4 (75%) 0 out of 3 (0%)
Team: Libby Ross 5 out of 5 (100%) 0 out of 5 (0%)
Team: Sebastian Weiss 6 out of 6 (100%) 0 out of 6 (0%)

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