▼ Introduction

About the topic

Your team was talking to Arnold on the topic: Constructive Feedback. You will find detailed results in this report.

  • The data were collected by Arnold in 07/2020
  • 6 people were invited, 6 people responded (100%)
  • 0 people switched into anonymous mode (0%)
  • Some people may not have completed the entire conversation

The report includes the answers of the following employees: 👤Declan Hawkins, 👤Elsie Byrne, 👤Felipe Ball, 👤Kristopher Mcgowan, 👤Matthew Webb, 👤Tyler Chapman

▼ Main Findings

QUANTITY of Feedback

How much feedback on your work do you receive from your supervisor?
About the right amount
QUALITY of Feedback

What do you think of the feedback you receive from your supervisor?
It's mostly useful